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This is not an existing piece of media, but rather a collection of ideas. My hope for this is that someone more talented than me will find it interesting and make something of it. Know that, as a wiki, this is entirely malleable but I go into this utilizing that fact. Please enjoy learning about this world, and if you have questions, you can contact me via my personal page.

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CQ: The Silver 49 is a story about two countries that used to be one, eventually separated by a civil war. Though tensions have cooled, lingering resentment remains. In order to remedy this, the Northern country of Yorelune decides to create a program in which residents of Sen Die, the Southern country, enter a seven-year school that prepares them for Yorelunian citizenship. Though the young Sen Diens in this program have hope for the future, it is soon shattered by the events that happen there.

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